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10 Day Weight LossLose 5-20 lbs in just 10 days!

Plus detox your digestive tract and re-set your metabolism!


Why Does it Work?

It’s easy as A-B-C!

All Natural. Nutrient-dense. Low-Calorie. No synthetics. Proven Ingredients.

This Organic 10 Day Weight Loss Program works because you are consuming nature’s healthiest foods without the processing, synthetics, chemicals or empty calories. Just pure nutrition – plain and simple.


Weight Loss ProgramA: Total Cellular Satisfaction

We use super-high-nutrient, super-low-calorie superfoods, including power greens and power grains to completely satisfy, feed and protect your cells.

B: Anabolic Muscle Building

Our patented 100% vegan, pre-digested protein is proven to build muscle (anabolic) within minutes even if you aren’t exercising. No starving or dehydrating – just build and tighten as you lose fat.

C: Nightly Cellular Defense

We deliver  only natural source of melatonin to help induce deep sleep, which is crucial to repairing and rebuilding your body and is critical for any weight loss effort. We also deliver off-the-charts antioxidant potency for cellular detox, cleansing and elimination.





  • Organic Weight Loss ProgramPower Shake (1065g): Contains such Superfoods as Organic Kamut Blend, Spirulina, Rice Bran Solubles, Activated Barley, and Carrot Juice. Gluten Free.
  • Super Amino 23 (MAP) 150 ct: Pre-Digested 100% vegetarian, non-soy protein featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference
  • Apothe-Cherry 16oz: Tart Cherries are nature’s most nutrient-dense food with loads of antioxidants and phytocemicals.
  • Super Lytes (60 capsules): The ultimate hydration formula containing electrolytes and Rooibos Tea
  • Super CleansR: (60 capsules):  Special designed for gentle elimination of toxins and impurities
  • 10-Day Celebrity Transformation BPA-Free Shaker Bottle, Gym Bag and Tape Measure
  • Easy to follow Instructional guide
  • FREE Support Calls and Naturopathic Advice



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Lose Weight * Cleanse * Re-Set Metabolism * Detox * Break Addictions to Processed Foods * Boost Energy * Improve Digestion * Sleep Soundly * Think More Clearly


$50.00 OFF Organic Weight Loss Program Now + Free Shipping!

Use the code OWL50 at Checkout.*

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10 Day Transformation

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