Dieting with Real Food? Is it Possible?

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Group Of Wholesome, Organic Food, Including Pear, Apple, Tomato,The great thing about dieting with real food is that it directly correlates with what has to happen when the diet is over.  When my diet is over I have to continue on with life, consuming real food if I am to retain the benefits that I gained through the diet.  A truly ethical diet program will incorporate the tenants of real nutrition and guide the dieter towards a transition to eating real food when the diet comes to an end.  Many times I have grabbed ahold of the newest fad diet…usually a program chalk full of soy products, caffeine and various other stimulants, not to mention corn derived sugars in the form of Maltodextrin and Dextrose (most likely derived from GMO corn). I realize that I was looking for the quick solution to my addictive eating and subsequent weight gains.  I realize now that jacking myself up on stimulants 12 hours a day for the purpose of increasing metabolism does not represent a sustainable and long term solution.  Basically, what most of these diet programs offer customers is an avenue for replacing one addiction with another; an instant feel good; a counterfeit boost of energy.  I have also found the benefits of stimulants (caffeine) to be short term at best, as my body’s tolerance inevitably increases.

Bottom line, most diets out on the market today create an “Event” mentality.  Their philosophies are based in instant gratification and quick results.  The problem is, when I get to the end of whatever  program I am doing, and I’ve achieved my weight goal but haven’t learned how to eat well, then inevitably I return to the only kind of eating that I know…..the addictive, feel-good kind.

These are the reasons I have come to love and trust PURIUM superfoods.  There is nothing synthesized about them.  So when I consider my caloric deficit for the 10 Day Transformation, I don’t worry about it because I know that the calories I consume will be from Nutritionally Dense, Organically Cultivated, Kosher, and Non-GMO sources.  The entire 10 Day Transformation is a complete indoctrination in what eating real food is all about.  When the program is over, I just keep applying the same philosophies and I find that my understanding of, as well as my love and appreciation for authentic sustenance continues to expand and deepen.

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Paul Sweany is a sales and marketing professional and corporate trainer who for the past 23 years has been committed to establishing authentic connection and relationship within the process of selling. Paul approaches selling on the premise that establishing human connection is far more powerful than communication & technique. He also has worked with hundreds of sales associates and entrepreneurs in formatting and executing sales and marketing processes that create long term and consistent profitability. Paul is the cofounder of the “Marketing Mastermind for Alternative Healers” in Portland Oregon, a successful Meetup with over 400 members. Paul is also the co-founder of the “Sage Center for Wholeness and Health” & “Sage Center Organics” and is presently developing a network distribution team for Purium in the Pacific Northwest. Paul and his wife Galina are also YTT200 Yoga Instructors and Ananda Certified Meditation teachers. Paul & Galina live with their 3 children in the greater Portland/Vancouver area.

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