60 Purium Products! Where do I Begin?

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Food supplement concept as a giant pill or medicine capsule with fresh fruit and vegetables inside on a table place setting as a nutrition and dietary symbol for good eating health and fitness lifestyle.

Shopping the wide variety of Purium Products for the first time can be a little intimidating. Personally, I felt I was being asked to stick a pin in a map. “This looks good”, I thought. Well, “that looks good too”, I thought again. Before long, I was paralyzed with my own analysis and second guessing around a nearly 60 product line offering. Looking back, I realize that I simply was not an educated buyer when it came to Whole Foods Supplementation. I had no context for the potential of bridging my nutritional short-falls with real food. This is very different from what I was raised with. What I understood, is when I needed extra nutrition, I should go and buy Vitamins. That’s right; I should go to the grocery store and choose an assortment of synthetically manufactured Vitamin and Mineral “one-offs” (A, B, C, D, E, etc…) off the shelf and call it good. Up to that point, this is what I knew. What I didn’t know, is the difference between Natural & Synthetic Nutrition.  Purium has given me the opportunity to make clear the distinction between Natural Whole Food Vitamins and those that have been synthesized in a laboratory, and it is making all the difference in how I view and approach my daily acquisition of nutrients.

So, did I end up having to stick a pin in a map or guess my way through my first purchase experience with Purium? I didn’t have to guess at all. Purium made it easy to begin my journey by providing me with an array of Product Packages assembled to address specific areas of need. There are packages designed for Athletic Performance, Children’s Nutrition, Weight Loss, Core Nutrition and Skin Care. My immediate area of need was losing weight, so the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation became my starting point. It was as simple as that. My adherence to the 10 Day Transformation not only helped me to lose 12 pounds in 10 days but it has become my basis; my template; my starting point for every food choice that I make every day. If it aligns with Purium’s Organic, Whole, Superfoods philosophy, then I know that I am good to go. My Purium Ten Day Transformation was the ultimate nutritional event that is leading me to an ever deeper and more expansive life experience of eating and living well.


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Paul Sweany is a sales and marketing professional and corporate trainer who for the past 23 years has been committed to establishing authentic connection and relationship within the process of selling. Paul approaches selling on the premise that establishing human connection is far more powerful than communication & technique. He also has worked with hundreds of sales associates and entrepreneurs in formatting and executing sales and marketing processes that create long term and consistent profitability. Paul is the cofounder of the “Marketing Mastermind for Alternative Healers” in Portland Oregon, a successful Meetup with over 400 members. Paul is also the co-founder of the “Sage Center for Wholeness and Health” & “Sage Center Organics” and is presently developing a network distribution team for Purium in the Pacific Northwest. Paul and his wife Galina are also YTT200 Yoga Instructors and Ananda Certified Meditation teachers. Paul & Galina live with their 3 children in the greater Portland/Vancouver area.

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